Vinyl wraps are completely removable and perfectly safe for the paint. Tired of the color? Simply remove the film.

How long does it last?

The film is rated by their manufacturers for 5+ years given proper maintainence.

How long will it take?

Usually a Wrap will take 5-6 days to complete. This may vary depending on the complexity of the wrap or any additional services.

What happens if my wrap gets scratched?

A great characteristic of vinyl is its self healing ability. This means minor scratches in the film can actually be removed with heat.

Our process

1. We start by fully washing, chemically decontaminating and clay barring the paint to prep the surface.

2. Parts & panels are removed to allow hidden debris to be hand cleaned & to allow absolute coverage and flawless application of the vinyl wrap (Bumpers, Handles, Mirrors, Trim, Etc.)

3. We begin the wrapping process making sure there are no air bubbles or debris.

4. Once wrapped, all parts are reassembled to factory spec.

4. Finally, all vinyl wrapped surfaces are cleansed with an IPA wipedown (Ceramic coating may be applied*)

*Ceramic coating is an additional service which is HIGHLY recommended to aid in longevity of all vinyl wraps click HERE for more info

Over 500 Colors to choose from

We use well known and reputable Brands